1- Who is TFP?

Tinyflea Productions Ltd
Tinyflea Productions Ltd

TFP (Tinyflea Productions Ltd) is a BAFTA nominated one man production company based in Brighton uk.

Over the last 15+ years I’ve produced flash games and animations for clients such as cbeebies, BBC, E4, Sony, ICQ, Pesky, BHF, 1x2Gaming, delivering engaging and highly successful content at a fraction of the cost of larger production houses. I’ve also produced lots of my own games, animations and music projects in this period too.

On pretty much all of the links here I produced all front end assets for my clients, coding, graphics, animation, sfx and music composition/production.

I’m at the end of taking a year out to spend time with my family and finish off some personal projects and am now on the lookout for exciting opportunities with new clients/companies. I’m even considering full time work for the right company.

I’ve moved away from flash now, and have been spending the last 6 months learning and playing with pixi and phaser.  I’m a designer, animator and programmer, but I’m considering positions specialising in just one area, or as a team leader in the right production house.

If you feel you may have the right position for me, or maybe you’re just overloaded with work and need some help then please do get in touch. I’d love to here from you.

contact: tinyflea@gmail.com