2 – Gaming links (slots etc)

Here are just some of the many flash slot’s and other games I built during my 7 years at 1x2gaming. I was responsible for most of the coding, and all of the graphics, animation, audio and music production on these games.

I have spent the last 6 months acquainting myself with javascript and open web technology and started building HTML5 games using pixi and the marvellous phaser.


Lucky Stars – (Click image to play – Desktop only)


Alice and the Red Queen – (Click image to play – Desktop only)


Downtown – (Click image to play – Desktop only)


Caribbean Cashpot – (Click image to play – Desktop only)



Table Games

European Roulette – (Click image to play – Desktop only)


Astro Roulette – (Click image to play – Desktop only)


Other games

Super Keno – (Click image to play – Desktop only)



Original Concepts

During my time at 1x2gaming I also developed several original concept games on rev-share basis, including the hugely successful Darts 180, Superfruit 7, and the Jackpot 3×3/Fruity 3×3 series. Alongside our core product “virtual football” these games were and continue to be extremely successful, with jackpot and fruity 3×3 beating our (in house record) of number of bets achieved in first 24 hours of release compared to all other slots.

Darts 180 – (Click image to play – Desktop only)


Fruity 3×3 – (link not available)

fruity 3x3

Jackpot 3×3 – (link not available)

jackpot 3x3

Jackpot 3×3 was derived from the minislots game built into the broadcast fighting game kokowars, pitting cartoon cyborgs against each other in a rolling knockout tournament which I developed but which is sadly no longer available online having failed to gain enough traction and having no marketing budget.

Kokowars (link not available)

kokowars 1

kokowars 3

kokowars 2

Superfruit 7 – (Click image to play – Desktop only)

Just a simple stacking twist on a familiar looking game made superfruit 7 an instant classic.